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What Our Grantees Are Doing
See What Our Past Grantees Have Accomplished... Read more

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Who We Are and What We Do
Making decisions on what to fund is our Board's most important task. More

DMF Awards $70,000 in 2010
The 2010 DMF Grantees did some amazing work! Read more

Labor & Social Justice Fair 2009
"I felt something magical here that I haven't felt in a long time." Read more

Have We Turned Into Sheep?
Time to get rude; time to get... French! Read more

Arlington West
Arlington West is 105 heartfelt interviews not seen or heard in America's media. Read more

The Foundation's Changing Role
Saddle Peak Lodge in the Santa Monica Mountains was a great place... More

DMF "Learning From Each Other" Conference
How a Small, Progressive Foundation Makes a Big Impact. Read more

2004 Conference October 6 -
The Presidential election and what it means to progressives. Read more

2003 Grantees: Could This Be You?
Find out about our 2003 Grantees and the work they do. Read more

Activists Join DMF Board
New faces join DMF veterans, bringing a new perspective to our Board. More

2003 Conference Gives Hope and Inspiration
Engaging speakers and thought provoking analysis of today's political climate. Read more

Mission Statement, Funding Priorities Fine Tuned
Changes made following our 2003 Conference. Read more

Board Member Dee Petty Retires
and receives DMF's first Lifetime Achievement Award. Read more

Summer, 2002 Grants
Our most recent grantees show the diversity and focus of the Foundation's efforts. Read more

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