Grant recipient Willie Adams (left) with Fredrick Douglas and Board member Dave Arian


Summer, 2002 Grants

(Published July, 2003)

Our 2002 Grantees reflect DMF's ongoing commitment to diversity and innovation. Read about the groups and causes we support to learn more about the Foundation and its goals.

Californians Together - $1,500 - Protection of the rights of California's 1.5 million language minority and immigrant students. Project will train parents to speak at policy hearings, media events, and statewide meetings about the needs of their students.

Coalition for Educational Justice (CEJ) - $2,500 - Production of bilingual pamphlets on the CEJ 10 Point Program of reduced class size, anti-racist pro-labor curriculum, pro-bilingual education, immigrant voting rights, and, especially an end to high stakes standardized tests.

DSG Productions - $3,500 - Support for a digital video training workshop for labor organizers and community activists to learn how to put the power of video to work in progressive struggles.

Harry Bridges Institute, Juneteenth Project - $1,000 - Support to develop labor education component of Juneteenth Celebration.

The Harry Bridges Project - $2,500 - Adaptation of "From Wharf Rats to Lords of the Docks" to high school American History sessions including at least ten free performances in Harbor and Los Angeles Area High Schools.

The Land of Orange Groves and Jails - $5,000 - Support for completion of the editing post-production phase of the video documentary that interweaves the story of L.A.'s 1920's labor struggles and free speech movement; also development of an outreach component and curriculum for middle and secondary school students.

Mississippi Workers Center for Human Rights - $3,500 - The project "Terror on the Plant Floor – Combating Workplace Hate Violence" focuses on worker human rights. Funding will support the production of a book - "Stories of Workers in the Mississippi Delta".

New York State Labor Religion Coalition, Border Witness Project - $2,500 - "Border Witness – Youth Confront NAFTA" is a photo essay which examines NAFTA issues through the lives and stories of Mexican workers. Project will fund manual "Teaching Tips" to help teachers talk about global economic issues.

People's CORE - $2,000 - Support for LEAP (Labor, Education and Awareness Project) aimed at South Bay Filipino immigrant workers including publication of brochures and four community forums.

SOUL (School of Unity and Liberation) - $3,000 - Support for summer youth organizer training program including political education, organizing skill trainings and internships with grassroots organizations.

Student Action with Farmworkers - $2,500 - Support for "2003 Into the Fields Organizing Project" which will place five bilingual interns with the UFCW and other organizations to support organizing of meat processing workers and cucumber field workers as well as boycott work in the community.

Sweatshop Watch - $2,500 - Support for garment workers national speaking tour to organize boycott against Forever 21 retail stores for systematically selecting and using manufacturers and contractors that use sweatshop labor.

William Adams - $2,000 - Support for Sixth Annual Celebration of Labor and Black History; Tacoma community education event sponsored by ILWU longshoreman and HBI Board Member Willie Adams.

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